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Dear Sirs !



INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TOURISM is an organization that unites not only individual representatives of the tourism industry, but also all those people for whom TOURISM is a favorite work and pastime, who live for this magic, this fairy-tale, this passion - traveling over their native country and around the world!

The rapidly developing in recent years tourism industry, having used the obvious, lying on the surface reserves, needs a new impetus of development, search for innovations to strengthen its position in competition. The tourism industry also needs to synthesize the accumulated experience for its effective use in the work. Therefore we urge to join common efforts in the work in the market of tourism services.

Our association intends to unite not only organizations and enterprises of tourism sphere, cultural and educational institutions around the world, but also tourists themselves, regardless of their nationality and place of residence, into one single community of like-minded people!


There is human and technological potential to start up various projects aimed at developing the tourism industry, for example:


- Creating a network of counseling centers for international tourism with the assistance of the authorities of regions of Russia and national tourist offices of different countries. Among the topics proposed for consideration are geography of countries and regions, history, state and regional symbols, sights, traditions, customs, cuisine, peculiarities of mentality and history of relationships with other nations.


- Creating club of tourists offering theme events and bonus programs from travel companies in Russia and foreign countries.


- Organizing participation in international tourism exhibitions by means of creating unified regional information stands, performing functions of advertising and information offices, for organizing presentations of opportunities of tourism in regions with the involvement of the authorities and all the interested companies and organizations of the tourism industry.


- Creating a modern system of retraining and professional development of tourism and hotel business workers, creating and implementation of new training programs.


Only connection and consolidation of the overall effort will enable us all to succeed!


We offer cooperation to all people who think about the future, about development, who wants to have stability and advantage in the market!


Truly yours, the President  of the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION of TOURISM

Egorychev Roman




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             +7 495 518 21 27

             +7 499 755 67 88 


          24 B, Yakimamka St., Moscow, Russia,

          82 Mira St., Vladimir 600007, Russia.


Currency: USD


BANK NAME: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, N.Y., USA


S.W.I.F.T. code: CHAS US 33


Account Number: 400953153




Address: 8, Efremova street, Moscow, 119048, Russian Federation




Account: 40703840402200100050


BENEFICIARY: “International association of tourism”














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