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For hotels & touristic companies of the world


Assistance in promoting your company in Russia and CIS countries:



INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TOURISM offers mutually beneficial cooperation for all companies and organizations interested in promoting its services on domestic and international markets. It is already possible to list for free information and links about your company on our web site, create a page (section) about your company and your services, including those with a distinguished address in the format:  yourcompany.inasto.ru  (which is very useful for indexing information by russian search systems) or create your own Web site with a domain in the zone of  RU. And then - we are ready to promote your services actively!


We invite your company to take part in the informative project  on popularization and promotion of tourism among the potential tourists of your country - "Country of the month". There may be complete and structured to provide information about the region and the placement of objects, including contacts, description, photos and reviews of tourists.


Become a media partner of the IAT!


Special mention should be noted that the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF TOURISM is a nonprofit organization, their efforts and all financial income sends  to the development of tourism and charity. In collaboration with IAT your company will be able to join social activities with all the prospects of recognition in Russia and abroad!


For the positioning of the company among many competitors  is necessary to create an effective image.


Promotion - is one of the marketing tools that will provide the company with its target audiences in the external environment.

The main instruments of promotion are:

- advertisement;

-PR (public relations);

- events to promote sales;




The cost of services IAT to promote is very democratic!



We offer your companys long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation and invite you to become a partner of the IAT in its activities, especially that:


 1. In the information-base of the IAT is more than 3000 agencies and touristic companies in Russia and CIS countries, with which we cooperate. Their addresses are regulary e-mailing, including our recommendations of companies - partners for cooperation.


 2. IAT has an information resource on the Internet, where traffic is constantly growing, both from Russia and from other states. Touristic companies are using it in their work to search  information and tours. All necessary for their daily work are gathered in one place. Every day, visiting our resource, they see new information, looking for new partners for cooperation, book tours. 

  Growing attendance of information resource individual tourists, but it is no secret that the volume of purchase individual tours independently by the tourists is constantly increasing.

  It is already possible to put a link and information about your company on site IAT, and it is absolutely free.


  3. Of particular importance when looking for tour today takes audio-and video-imaging information. IAT on   its  web-site puts the video about the countries, tourist destinations and companies offering them. If you have such material - it will increase the attractiveness of your company and your services.


  4. The Association tries to ever participate in the exhibition activities and thereby promote the interests of our partners, participating in all-round exhibition in Russia and other countries: trade fairs and exhibitions of various themes and trends ...


   5. At IAT operates a network of touristic agencies. Number of offices and their turnover is growing constantly.



Advantages of cooperation with the IAT:


Everyone knows that advertisement of goods and services is sometimes pestiferous, and it it pushes consumer. At the same time the product, unbiased recommended by colleague or business partner, is much greater confidence and interest of the consumer. Such progress, such advertisement  is the most effective!


It is now important that people, preparing for journey, made their choice of place of stay, the hotel and the company does not spontaneously, but realized - a concrete spa, hotel and given a specific company! As you know, the benefits of such early selection is mutual. Here is the question - how to ensure that the tourists made their choice of planning in advance?


- In advance, long before the upcoming trip to attract his attention !!!


The importance of activities of the ASSOCIATION acquired the awakening consumer loyalty tourist services to companies and countries to offer. Our ASSOCIATION promotes the interests of its members, in the first place, going herself to visitors, where they work, because vacation need in the first place of work, all are actually very connected. The Association is your agent representing your interests, advancing you to the world tourist market, helping  customers to remember you, offering a competitive advantage in your work, including FREE of charge! It's no secret that in  work is better to choose partners, and not just sellers of services.


 We offer your company to participate in the activity IAT and become a media partner and sponsor of the IAT- section of your country - the information project "Country of the World", aimed at popularization and promotion of your country and as a result - your company!




We offer cooperation to all who think about the future, development, wants to have a stable and differ favorably in the market!


Only the union and consolidation of the general effort will enable us all to be successful!




Rates (tariffes) of the IAT services of informational and online support for touristic companies:


Provides opportunity to place selected individual page in the section "Travel Company" for text - graphics information detailing the company's, logo and photographies.


     Tariff           Time of placing           Term price in rubles           Price in dollars US     
TOP 3 months 15 000 500
TOR2 6 months 27 000 900
VIP 12 months 52 000 1 700




Placing more than one video - 5 000 rubles 

Creating a site with a subdomain of type strana.inasto.ru up to 5 pages with video - 30 000 rubles 

- more than 5 pages - 3 000 rubles / page

Creating a site with a domain type xxxxx.ru up to 5 pages - 33 000 rubles

- more than 5 pages - 3 000 rubles / page

Subscriber service site - 4 500 rubles / month





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